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The Decisive Mindset

Author: Michael Thomas

Published: September 1st, 2020

As a technology professional, you will often encounter challenges focusing on decisive action, especially if you work within a high-demanding field, such as customer service. Who am I kidding, if you work in technology, every job is high-demanding. The world we live in today is dependent upon technology and the responsiveness of the technology professional. This is the ultimate driver for technology professional to develop a decisive mindset and achieve success. Developing a decisive mindset has many rewards, including the foundation of any leadership mentality. A decisive mind-set also helps develop professional vision, time-management, and much more that are necessary for any technology professional to succeed. A professional that has difficulty being decisive has many down falls, they project a questionable atmosphere, show a lack of leadership, and limit their own professional growth.

I remember entering my career and being very timid around decisions, constantly questioning whether or not I was making the right decision, second guessing myself. Aside from having a rather shy personality, which fueled in-security, my manager was more of a do as I say, rather than do as I do, spending very little time developing his subordinates. While I was very good at my job, with respect to technical skills, I lacked little in leadership and decision making. My peers recognized my in-decisive attributes and would regularly double-check my work, which contributed even more to my insecurity. As I continued my career, my skills and experiences were improving, I was constantly learning new techniques and sharpening the skills I had already learned. Whats more important is that, because I was developing confidence with my skills, my decisive mind-set grew as well, rarely second guessing myself. However, my in-decisiveness was not completely gone. If questions were presented that had no historic relevance to my experience, I still drew a blank.

As I continued my career, developing skills and confidence, I gained new leaders and mentors. Mentors that wanted leadership growth and not just technical competence. Probably one of the first skills I learned was to aim not for perfection but excellence. This meant to focus on the big picture rather than every little detail. To assist in this, my leader started including me in business discussions, asking me my perspective and what I would do if this was my business. I later learned this was to develop my decisive mindset through association and understanding of what better aligned with my goals and visions, which were often aligned with my organizations objectives. This is where my true decisive attributes develop from. When you make decisions that are based upon goals and vision, they have true purpose and are not just trying to satisfy the moment. In addition when decisions are made that align with goals and a vision it is easier to justify those decisions to peers and leaders.

The technology professional must develop a decisive mind-set. This can be accomplished in many ways, but ultimately must start with the first step, wanting to develop and grow. Some things that can contribute are, aim for excellence, not perfection. Research the 80/20 rule. Do not site and debate with yourself about a decisions, instead make the choice and move forward. Make your best guess and do it. If time is available, ask your peers their perspective. Learn to understand vision and goals. Also, be humble and acknowledge your mistakes. Not only will you feel better about your decisions, your peers will respect you more. Understand that making mistakes is part of life, what is important is that you learn from those mistakes and move on.

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