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Professional Vision

Author:  M. Thomas

Published: July 20, 2020

Welcome to the Society of Technology Professionals.  I want to highlight something that really drives me on a daily basis.  Something that, I believe enables me to succeed and gives me fulfillment.  The topic I'd like to share with you is vision.  We've all heard our organizations mission statement and vision at one time or another and while they seemingly meet the organizations goals, they leave very little room for us to professionally grow.  That is why when I reference vision I often like to focus more on the professional themselves.  Our professional vision is how we perceive ourselves and the level of professionalism we want our work to reflect.  It demonstrates our integrity, commitment, and respect to the technology profession.

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Starting out in my technology career, I was always directed on tasks and how to accomplish them, obviously due to my experience level at the time, but what wasn’t obvious to me was that I was building my own reputation based off of someone else vision.  Now, that is not necessarily a bad thing, there are great leaders out there, but depending on who is giving the direction and their goals, you could see the potential should someone merely focus on the bare minimal to get by.  Having seen many examples of leaders with great and sometimes less than admirable professional visions I began to develop my own ideas around how to accomplish goals and begun striving for excellence while establishing my own professional vision.  My career started to reflect my dedication. Eventually, my professional vision transformed into a personification of fire preventer versus being a fire fighter and began approaching tasks with a strategic mindset.  This enabled me to overcome band-aid approaches that are so common within our profession today and drove me to devote more time finding that long-term solutions that contributed to my organizations vision.

Today, my vision focuses on long-term values and goals that will sustain objectives for the next 3-5 years and if I have the opportunity to meet more years, I certainly consider it. Defining a professional vision is easy and begins with one simple question, what type of professional do you want to be?

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